The 4th Plenary CCM Meeting – Calendar Year 2021

The 4th CCM Meeting, chaired by the President of Lao Red Cross and CCM Chair, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phouthone Muongpak, was organized on 09 December 2021 at the Conference Room 2nd Floor, Don Chan Palace Hotel, and via Video conference. The objectives of the meeting are to review and consider for endorsement of the latest draft of CCM Positioning Pathway Plan and present progress update on the performance of the CCM Work Plan for the fiscal year 2021, annual Overall CCM Secretariat Performance Assessment, progress update on the implementation of the Global Fund Country and Regional Grants, update information on the RAI3E and RSC Secretariat and debrief on HANSA Joint Implementation Support Mission from 22 November – 1 December 2021.