The 1st CCM Plenary Meeting 26 March 2024

The 1st CCM Plenary Meeting, chaired by the President of Lao Red Cross and CCM Chair, Prof. Dr. Phouthone Muongpak, was organized on 26 March 2024 at the Conference Room 1st Floor, Crowne Plaza Hotel, and via Video conference. The Objective of the meeting update on the process of CCM Oversight Plan and Costed Workplan year 2024, progress on implementation of the Global Fund grants for HANSA project by representative from DPF (PR for HIV/TB Grants), progress on the Implementation of the Global Fund Grants by PRs(UNOPS) and National Programs Representaives, and progress on on the catalytic Matching Funds by NCLE, and information and activities from the CSO-KPs-PLWDs Coordinating Committee.